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tegUP, a logistics accelerator, puts customer needs at the heart of the process

In the third cycle of the startup acceleration program in the logistics area, held this year, tegUP, the innovation arm of Tegma Gestão Logística created in 2017, improved the selection process, placing the Tegma client as the central focus of the solutions presented by the startups participants. With the active involvement of some customers, pre-selected specific challenges were presented, based on the real needs of the logistics segment. The “finalists” had ninety days to carry out a pilot, accompanied by Tegma professionals and customer representatives, who helped in the projects’ adherence to the pains and characteristics defined in the challenge. These sponsors evaluated the developed tools in detail and, in five of the six solutions presented, recommended the expansion of the tests (roll out).

In this year’s cycle, 53 startups signed up and, of them, 23 were pre-selected. After this pre-selection, six startups were challenged to pilot tests for a period of 90 days. Last week, when the demo day was held with the presentation of the solutions developed and the results achieved in the pilots, it was possible to observe that the change in the process provided positive results.

Micromax had the challenge of reducing damage to the transported vehicles resulting from any failures in the lashing of the straps. Through a system of sensors installed in the tires of these vehicles, it was possible to detect any oscillation in the pressure of the straps and, immediately, notify the truck driver (stork trailer).

The challenge for Panorama.ID was to reduce pallet inventory time at the Distribution Center. With the use of drones, it was possible to obtain time savings of around 80%.

Clarify has dedicated itself to developing a specific scripting assistant for navigation for transport vehicles – with features that are not available in popular tools such as Waze. To meet the challenge, a mobile application was created, which was tested by some Tegma drivers, still in MVP.

Another pre-selected company, Byond, presented a solution to overcome the low agility and efficiency in the inspection of road seals when receiving chemical loads from Unilever Indaiatuba. The use of RFID tags – similar to those placed in automatic toll collection systems – reading can be automated and performed in 95% less time than today.

Smart-Tech was presented with the challenge of improving the B2C order picking process. The solution created made it possible to increase the efficiency of the supply of light-guided Picking (PTL) equipment, through

Smart-Tech was presented with the challenge of improving the B2C order picking process. The solution created made it possible to increase the efficiency of the supply of Light-Guided Picking (PTL) equipment, through an algorithm and visual management.

XMultas had the task of creating a solution to monitor fines for being overweight. The idealized solution made it possible to map all the fines received and, in estimated values, savings of 17% in this item could be achieved, as a result of meeting deadlines and simplifying the process.

The next steps in this cycle include the formalization and setup of rollouts, organization of governance between tegUP and Tegma and assessment of interest in new investments.

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