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Chemical Supply Chain Management

Chemical Supply Chain Management

High quality logistics outsourcing services for the chemical products operation.

In the 3PL (third party logistics) model, we produce complete and customized management solutions for inbound flows of raw material supply either palletized or liquid and solid bulk, including hazardous.

The entire process is handled by a control tower, from the placement of the order at the supplier (national or international), to the arrival of the materials at the customer Plant(s) ensuring uninterrupted operations with maximum safety, sustainability, productivity and quality.  

Estrategic Differential

  • Assets optimization dedicated to operation, ensuring productivity and competitiveness;
  • Continuous improvement, synergies identification and assessment of business opportunities. Cost reduction constant search and gains in sustainability, safety and quality;
  • Supply chain inventory management, eliminating risks;
  • Bulk warehousing, with expertise in sodium sulfate and sodium carbonate (Soda Ash). Operation availability for similar products;
  • Road Transport, with extensive experience in sodium sulfate, sodium carbonate (Soda Ash), sulfonic acid, fats, sodium silicate, among other raw materials operation.


  • 2 truck scales, simultaneous receipt and dispatch;
  • 07 wheel loaders;
  • 64 Trucks


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