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Packaging Management

Returnable Packaging Management

The supply chain management is controlled by flows that involve important elements, which are the suppliers and also the inbound parts and spares supply flow connects your business’ entire network of suppliers to your production process.

Tegma offers complete and customized solutions for managing raw material supply flows, parts, and pieces, integrating in an agile, efficient and economical way, suppliers and production or assembly plants.

Collection from suppliers (Milk Run¹), consolidation and transfer to industrial plants, management, and control of packaging for packaging parts and supplying production lines.

Receiving materials in the requested quantity, on site, just in time and free from damage is essential for production processes to occur without interference, ensuring the assembly and delivery of finished products.

Among the most common challenges identified in this process that can significantly compromise the performance of a regular supply, we highlight:

  • The operation’s high degree of complexity;
  • Lack of traceability;
  • Mesh design of inefficient collections and transfers;
  • Low vehicle occupancy due to lack of packaging standardization and collection planning;
  • High rate of parts damage.


  • Intelligence and management system
  • Placement and tracking of orders
  • Improved organization of parts supply flows
  • Traceability
  • Transport optimization and savings
  • Vehicle specification (types and capacities)
  • Rationalization of parts movement areas in your plant
  • Economy and sustainability in packaging for transporting raw materials
  • Improved cash flow from investments
  • Online access to complete information, obtaining accurate indicators
  • Waste reduction


  • Routing the transport of packages to suppliers
  • Exclusive system for packaging management (SGE)
  • Responsible for all returnable packaging procurement
  • Models of standard accessories, following the acquisitions option by Tegma
  • Hubs
  • Release of productive area
  • Minimum inventory sizing and control for chain suppliers
  • RFID


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