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Tegma Gestão Logística receives Great Place to Work certification

Tegma Gestão Logística received the Great Place to Work certification, granted by GPTW, a world authority in the analysis of the work environment and valuing professionals. The certified company has about 2,000 direct employees spread across the ten states where it has units.

To grant the certification, the GPTW program uses online tools for research and diagnosis of the organizational climate that objectively measure the perception of employees in relation to the company’s relationship practices with its professionals and its model of valuing people. Qualitative surveys were also carried out with Tegma employees.

Tarcísio Felisardo, who is Tegma’s Director of People Management, emphasizes the importance of this certification, as it translates the opinion of the body of employees, who manifest themselves anonymously and, therefore, recognizes the quality of the relationships between the company and its professionals and the importance attributed by Tegma to valuing the organizational climate.

“This certification makes us very proud, as it is the expression of the feeling, perception and evaluation that comes from our people and which elevates Tegma to the level of the best Brazilian companies to work for”, highlights Tarcísio Felisardo.

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