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3PL & 4PL In the Supply Chain

3PL & 4PL Flow in the Supply Chain

Supply chain management is controlled by flows that involve important elements, which are suppliers and also customers. The logistics operator and the supply chain manager, in this market, are the greatest responsible for finding solutions in a competitive environment that is always looking for a stable economic scenario.

Operating in the Logistics segment with a complete and robust structure, it is in this sense that Tegma offers solutions focused on transport, storage, and distribution within the 3PL model and in the 4PL model the complete management of all operations.

Take advantage of Tegma’s logistics market experience and best-in-class 3PL and 4PL benchmarks to develop an executable plan within your reality!


  • Integration through centralized control of flows, services, and information;
  • Comprehensive action, with supplier coordination, prevention of deviations and indication of solutions;
  • Reduction of risks and extra costs (excess storage, demurrages, stays, among others);
  • Speeding up all stages of the process, optimizing time and resources;
  • Negotiation of competitive rates with all suppliers involved in the chain.
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